Bang-Her? I mean Bangerz lol

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Leg day+whole body= death of my legs. Pulled a PR of 180, 5 reps weighing in at 112.6 ☺️

if only every girl accepted who they were.. Worked with what they have..accepted every flaw and imperfection.. 

Anonymous asked: You are so beautiful!

been a while since ive heard that., Thank you <3

You just gotta love it while you got it, and that’s it.

Do not look at yourself with disgust, you are a gift to this earth. You are beautiful, you are a light, an energy, an essence. You are nature herself.

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Imperfect and flawed. Picture tells it all.

9 hours of endless assignments.

I know you’re thinking of me, I know I’m still the last person in your head before you fell asleep. I know for a fact that you listened to songs that reminded you of me. I know you were wondering what I’m doing since no social networking was activated. I know this because we became together as one. Were connected and intertwined as one. We share one heart, and you became my other half. So deny all this, and you’re completely wrong. Whatever I’m feeling, you’re feeling.
The moment I stop caring, the moment I stop loving… Is the moment you will do the same. Were in this together.

No girl likes to start over with a new guy
Getting to know a new guy all over again
Learning how to feel comfortable with a new guy all over again.
Giving her mind, body, and soul to a guy again.
Going through that awkward phase of being body shy around a guy again
Sharing her secrets and past
Spilling out her thoughts and emotions to a guy again
Meeting a new guy’s family and getting to know them again.
Introducing a new guy to her family, hoping they’ll accept all over again.
Opening up and letting a new guy see the real side of her all over again.
Fight through her trust issues and place trust in another man again.
Work on her insecurities so they won’t push a guy away all over again.
Give her heart to another guy and learn to love someone new all over again.
That’s why most girls choose to stick through the good and bad. No one wants to throw something that has become their routine, their life.
Even when she feels like giving up, this is why she held on for so long in the first place.

Like birds learning to fly, we must face our fears of falling before we can soar to great heights.

So fall.